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About Us

Lipow Oil is dedicated to assisting oil producers, refiners, and traders improve efficiency and profits utilizing 25 years of hands-on refining and trading experience to accomplish these goals.

Oil Production

The marketing of new crude oil production requires significant effort to maximize its value to refiners reluctant to change operations. This reluctance often translates into lower initial prices for new production. Lipow Oil Associates can qualitatively and quantitatively evaluate new crude production and recommend potential refinery outlets to minimize these additional discounts for trying new crude production. Logistical studies can be performed to optimize marine freight or pipeline transportation expenses.


With considerable emphasis on specifications and quality, Lipow Oil Associates LLC can evaluate current operations and provide recommendations to improve profitability. We look to optimize crude slates, improve product quality and upgrade product mix. This includes the buying and selling of intermediate feedstocks and blendstocks to augment current refinery operations. With our in plant experience and knowledge of refinery operations we can also provide on site assistance in reducing hydrocarbon losses by identifying slop oil and flare contributions. Lipow Oil Associates can evaluate transfer prices between subsidiaries for fairness and appropriateness in relation to real-time market trading activities and pricing publication benchmarks.

Supply and Trading

Overall profitability can be improved with a working knowledge of the oil market. This includes optimizing crude oil acquisition costs or crude sales revenue, negotiating differentials versus benchmark indices and obtaining the best value for differing qualities. Product revenues can be enhanced through improved product mix, location exchanges, import and export arbitrage opportunities, as well as participation in the blendstock, intermediate and feedstock markets. Lipow Oil Associates can assist in these areas as well as recommend hedging strategies.


Lipow Oil Associates can provide a variety of seminars to suit individual company needs. Topics include refining operations for the non-technical employee and the impact of changes in refinery operations on the market. In addition, we can provide seminars covering oil trading, hedging, arbitrage and other factors affecting the commodity market. Specialized topics regarding specific products, feedstocks or localized markets can also be handled.

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Please email or call 713-524-7528 and Lipow Oil Associates, LLC will be pleased to discuss your requirements.